Your Online Resources For Your Business & Your Personal Well-Being
These Are Essential Tools You May Need  In order To Scale Your Business To The Next Level While Maintaining A Healthy Living In The Process!
To get my business to where it is today, I have Invested heavily in a lot of products & resources. In this page, I share with you every single one of them.  I have also noticed  that a lot of us, work so hard but totally forget  about our health. To be a successful entrepreneur you also need to have a healthy body. I have also invested  a lot on my health after some struggles with my weight & acid reflux. I will share with you those products as well.

Keep this page as your to go place for business & health resources. I will keep updating the list often.  Please note, I only ever endorse products and services that I have personally used  or any of my clients have used  and  are happy with.

Thank you!
1. Solutions For Small Businesses
When I started my business. I had no idea where to find a lot of things that I needed. I really struggled. Over the years, I have leveraged these tools in my business and It is my hope that you will find them useful for your business as well. If you have a need for a solution that you can't find here, please feel free to reach out to my team at
For Product Launch Solutions
OFA challenge is the ultimate challenge for any serious online entrepreneur out there who needs a helping hand in launching an online product.

This is one of the best investments I ever made for my business & it costs only $100 dollars.
For your mistake-free written articles 
Before I knew about Grammarly, I  used to spend a lot time fixing typos for my business articles.With Grammarly, you have the confidence of writing amazing, clear, mistake-free articles with the help of an  AI assistant. Highly recommended.
For Domains & Hosting Solutions
Godaddy  is where I have bought all my domains. I also host my emails from here. It's very affordable and I highly recommend.
For  hiring talented designers
I have used 99designs to hire some of my designers for my ebook covers and I have never been disappointed.Highly recommended.
For Logos & Design Solutions
Fiverr has also been  my other to go place for logo designs, video editing among other small gigs. Highly recommended.
For Screen Recording Solutions
Loom is a super amazing and affordable  product that I use for recording on my computer screen for my training classes. It comes with a free package as well.
For Conferencing Solutions
Zoom Is an amazing product that I normally use for my online meetings with my students.It is very affordable and It comes with a free package too.
For Business Telephone Solutions 
I use vonage business for my company's business phone lines. It is a very good product if you want to have a professional business line with dedicated extensions & virtual assistants.Highly recommended.
For Accounting Solutions
This is the best accounting software out there for small businesses.I use the online edition for my business. Highly recommended and It is very affordable.
For Payroll, Benefits & HR Solutions
Gusto is arguably one of the best cloud-based solutions for small businesses out there for  payroll, benefits, and human resource management. I use this for my payroll processing.
Signing Your Documents
If you want to avoid printing, signing then scanning documents and then sending back, then Docusign is your solution.I use this for my business and its very affordable.Highly recommended.
Don't Wait To Be Paid!.. Factor Your Invoices
We all know that waiting to be paid in 30-45 days can be frustrating when you need cash. I use Fundbox if I need to factor any of my invoices at a very minimal rate.If you are starting off and wondering how to pay your staff as you wait for your invoices to be paid, this is a very good option
Design Anything & Publish Anywhere!
I have used canva to create banners and other marketing contents for my business.Very easy to use.Highly recommended.
Take Pictures & Scan & Send In PDFs
I use camscanner app to take pictures that I need to send as professional PDF copies.This app allows you to email directly from the app to all your recipients.Highly recommended. You can use the free version.
Temporary Office For As Little As 1 Hour!
If you live a laptop lifestyle like me & you travel a lot, sometimes you may need to have to meet some power clients in an office setup.You can rent a nice office with regus. Available in almost every country in the world.Highly recommended.
2. Knowledge & Inspiration Resources
I have invested in a lot of programs and books in order for me to learn how to grow my business. The books that I am sharing with you are the ones that have really Inspired me in this entrepreneurship Journey.I hope they can help you as well
For Inspiration If You Are  Broke
Daymond John "The people's shark" is one of my role model entrepreneurs and his book book "The power of Broke" will sweep you off your feet. An incredible masterpiece.Highly highly recommended
If You Need To  Scale Your Business Online
This book from Russell Brunson is the real deal. Tony Robbins said that it's: "A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion & sales online" - and you can get it for free, and the only thing you need to do is  pay the shipping cost. Highly recommended.
If You Need A Kick On The Butt!
Forget about the weird title!..haha.

If you are tired of the ratrace and you wish you had more time and money, you need to look no further than Dan "The Man" Lok's book - F.U. MONEY.Highly recommended.
How To Change Your Mindset
Dean Graziosi is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs and his book Millionaire Success Habits is designed with one purpose in mind; to take you from where you are in life, to where you want to be in life, by using easy to implement 'Success Habits' into your daily routine. Highly recommended.
How To Turn Your Ideas Into Business
This is another real deal from Russell Brunson. Robert Kiyosaki said that it's: "the map that will allow you to turn your specialized knowledge, talents and abilities into a business that will work for you! This is one of the shortcuts of the New Rich." -  and you can actually get it for free.
How To Keep Your Business Afloat
Michael Gerber, in this  bestseller, dispels the myths surrounding starting your own business and shows you how commonplace assumptions can get in the way of running a business. A must read!. Highly recommended.
3. Health & Wellness Resources
After struggling a little bit with weight issues and acid reflux, I decided to invest a lot in my health & well being. I am sharing with you some of the products that I have used that you can try incase you are in similar boat like I was.
Protect Your Eyes From The Blue Light
As someone who spends a lot of my time on my laptop screen, "Swannies," are glasses that filter out blue light from any electronic devices. This product helps me fall asleep quicker, longer and more profoundly,Highly recommended
Improve Your Eating Habits & Lose Weight
An estimated 45 million Americans go on diets each year to improve their eating habits or lose weight. 

While there's no shortage of diets to choose from, the latest weight-loss trend gaining an increasing number of followers is the ketogenics diet.

I have used this diet to lose weight from  a high of 210 lbs to 175 lbs.
Take control  Of Your Acid Reflux
Millions of Americans suffer from acid reflux, and the root cause of all that is due to our eating habits. I have struggled with acid reflux myself  for some time and this book is the best out there for those that want to watch their acid intake.Highly recommended.
Your Baby's Life Journal 
I commited myself to taking a picture of my little girl Chloe Makena every single day for as long as possible.

I have taken a picture every day of her life, since birth and Tiny Beans has been a game changer for me.

It's an amazing app where you can store all your little one's pictures and track them by each day like a journal. Amazing!..Highly recommended.
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